Boost Your Artistic Abilities with these Procreate Add-Ons

Procreate is a digital art application designed exclusively for Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices. It was first introduced in 2011 by Savage Interactive, a software development company based in Tasmania, Australia. Since then, Procreate has grown in popularity among digital artists due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and excellent performance.

Procreate popularity is its comprehensive features. Procreate offers a range of features that can help artists create stunning artwork, such as layering, masking, and blending modes. The app also includes advanced features such as perspective guides, color balance, and a time-lapse recording feature that can help artists streamline their creative process and share their work on social media. Artixty offers the best procreate addons tutorials, brushes, and textures to help you get started.

Brushes Addons

One of the most significant advantages of using Procreate is the vast library of brushes available. However, artists can further enhance their work by using brush addons. These addons can provide a more extensive range of brushes with unique textures and styles that can elevate artwork to the next level.

The Jing sketch Procreate Brushes pack provides a comprehensive collection of brushes, from sketching to painting, that can help artists achieve a wide range of effects. The pack includes brushes for watercolour, gouache, and oil painting, allowing artists to achieve realistic and stunning effects.

Texture and Pattern Addons

Textures and patterns can bring depth and dimensionality to artwork, adding interest and realism. While Procreate comes with a decent selection of default textures and patterns, artists can expand their options with texture and pattern addons.

One of the best texture addons available is the True Grit Texture Supply Texture Bundle. This bundle includes a wide range of textures that can give artwork an authentic and organic look. The pack includes textures for paper, ink, and even wood, giving artists the ability to create unique and personalized textures in their work. Similarly, the Retro Supply Co.

Color and Palette Addons

Choosing the right colors and palettes is essential to create artwork that is visually appealing and harmonious. While Procreate has a decent selection of color palettes, artists can improve their options with color and palette addons.

One of the best color addons available is the RetroSupply Co. Color Lab. This addon includes over 1,000 colors inspired by vintage advertisements and posters, providing artists with a unique and eye-catching color palette. Similarly, the Foliage Procreate Color Palette offers a range of nature-inspired colors that can help artists achieve a realistic and vibrant effect when creating nature-inspired artwork.

Grids and Templates Addons

Grids and templates addons can help artists create more precise and accurate artwork by providing guidelines and structure to their work. These addons can also speed up the creative process by providing pre-made templates for various types of artwork.

One of the best grids and template addons available is the Savage Interactive Procreate Designers Pack. This pack includes a variety of grids and templates, including perspective grids, storyboard templates, and even social media templates. These templates can save artists a significant amount of time by providing a starting point for their work while ensuring that their artwork is correctly aligned and proportioned.


For digital artists, Procreate is a really potent tool. However, it becomes even more potent when used in combination with addons. Brush addons can provide artists with a more extensive range of brushes with unique textures and styles, while texture and pattern addons can add depth and dimensionality to artwork. Color and palette addons can help artists achieve visually appealing and harmonious colors, and grid and template addons can provide guidelines and structure to their work.

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